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imagesFrom Brandon’s Ministry

Sermon Outlines

The Fatality of Loving Sin (1 John 2:15-17)

Download Outline: 1 John 2.15-17_The Fatality of Loving Sin

I have preached a lot of messages, but this one is still the dearest to my heart. I’ve preached it several times, and condensed the main points into a succinct outline. I highly suggest studying this passage for yourself, and reading the full manuscript of the message, but feel free to duplicate this outline for any reason that is beneficiary to your spiritual edification.

Youth Resources

Christmas Jeopardy Game for Youth or Children

Download PowerPoint Slideshow: Christmas_Jeopardy

We’ve used the Jeopardy! game style to introduce new Bible study series, or just lessons in general. It’s a fun way to prick their knowledge and see what they know, while making it a competition (which teens love). This particular version of Jeopardy is Christmas themed. There are two rounds (to keep it brief) in this Jeopardy game, and there are a total of 18 questions. Three for each category times two rounds.

From John Piper’s Ministry

Free Downloadable eBooks

I have benefited greatly from the ministry of John Piper. You can download, listen, or read his sermons for free on I enjoy his sermons, and preaching ministry, but his books are just as good. You may never have the chance to sit down with him and talk, so that’s a void-filling purpose in his books. You can virtually sit down with him for hours and discuss theological matters through the means of his many publications. These books are all free for download on his site at this link:

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Biblical Resources From Eleven Years of Ministry

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